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Ramadan Reboot: How to market your business differently during the Holy Month

/By Leonard Rego

Over 22 years of being a marketing specialist in the Middle East, I have frequently found myself wondering why some aspects of marketing, particularly the annual events and celebrations, haven’t really evolved much in terms of creative approaches and innovation. 

Social Media Calendar Template 2019 for UAE Brands: Easy Instructions + Free for Download

/By Nasser R

To everything, there is a season. And for everything social, now is the season!

3 Trends to Elevate Your Email Marketing Strategy

/By Mayank Choudhary

If you’re anything like us, one of your daily rituals would have to be checking your email or voicemail before your feet hit the ground. Of course, it may sometimes be your Facebook newsfeed that takes priority, but everyone, be it a stay-at-home parent or a Fortune 500false