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The 3 Ads we Love Most this Ramadan 2019

/By Nasser Rego

As Ramadan draws to a close, we thought now's the time to look at the three ads that have stood out the most this month.

Ramadan 2019 Marketing Campaigns: The Best Ads to Follow + The Worst to Forgive

/By Nasser Rego

In this post, we look at some admirable examples of Ramadan ads that you can consider following. And then we also look at the more regrettable ones, and what specifically made them fail.

Let’s Chat Bots: Who, What, Why + Best Practice Examples for UAE Businesses

/By Evelyn Zafar

We explain what they mean, how they work, how certain UAE businesses are using it, and how you can get started with a Chatbot to engage leads today!