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3 Trends to Elevate Your Email Marketing Strategy

/By Mayank Choudhary

If you’re anything like us, one of your daily rituals would have to be checking your email or voicemail before your feet hit the ground. Of course, it may sometimes be your Facebook newsfeed that takes priority, but everyone, be it a stay-at-home parent or a Fortune 500false

The rise of virtual influencers (and what this means for the future of influencer marketing)

/By Mayank Choudhary

Having grown up in the era of CGI-driven sci-fi and fantastic wizarding worlds, it is hardly surprising that the millennial generation is our most creative yet. 

Dubai's Kiki Challenge: The Top 5 Rules when doing Social Media in the UAE

/By Evelyn Zafar

Social media challenges have ranged from the fun to the near-fatal. The Kiki challenge was probably both. And here lies the Kiki challenge for UAE content producers: How do you put out trendy content while staying within the confines of the law?