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Dubai's Kiki Challenge: The Top 5 Rules when doing Social Media in the UAE

/By Evelyn Zafar

Social media challenges have ranged from the fun to the near-fatal. The Kiki challenge was probably both. And here lies the Kiki challenge for UAE content producers: How do you put out trendy content while staying within the confines of the law?

A chat with UAE Influencer Naomi D'Souza – Dubai's Dessert Queen

/By Evelyn Zafar

Making the ‘Top 100 Influential Influencers in the UAE’ list is no easy task. It requires blood, sweat and tears. And in the case of Naomi D’Souza, a healthy appetite for dessert.

The new 2018 UAE Influencer Law and why Influencer Marketing is still Important

/By Evelyn Zafar
We strategically capitalised on the influencer marketing trend and helped grow our favourite hospitality client’s Instagram following from 5,000 to 17,000 over the span of three months! Influencer marketing, when done right, can mean exponential growth for your brand.